Saturday, December 8, 2012

haloo yooo PEOPLE


pantasnya masa berlalu, im still like this cuma skill memasak adalah 10 peratus
insha'allah im trying to increase the percentage

well back to housewifeyy lifestyle
its cool actually, mungkin kerana bila kita nak buat kerana allah dan back to islam which kena ikot cakap suami in wateva things kalo dah kahwin
hati ini tenang

well november 2012 seems to be the hectics and sadness part in my life so far
bukan menidakkan ketentuan allah but the shocking parts wake me up

opah which my mother mums and tok ta , my father mums
pergi pada 7 november dan 27 november
al fatihah~~~

entahlah macam terkejot..tapi tahu allah dah set up the story
so we just go with the flow, no more opah n tok... well its their time n us next

dalam bulan november jugak dapat panggilan interview for mrsm teachers by Mara
n i just attend it n do my best, but allah knows better kalo dapat alhamdullilah and if it not allah still looks the best for me
i always think maybe a thousand rainbow will colour my day

well the sadness part over and im still brushing the tears
allah letak lagi something untuk kita yang di sini

well this december my husband family side will be having a first family day n celebrating my mother in laws annivesary with arwah my late father in law
haji abdul aziz

well mak thanks coz accepting me n im happy to join this board!!
tunggulah ada chance ill put down all the family picta n u guys can meet my new familista :)


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